December 2009

In the News:

I have worked with a bunch of awesome people at YorkU to open up a new Vegetarian Association at my university.  I have always wanted to feel like I’m not the only one who’s doing the right thing and, as you may know if you are vegan/vegetarian, you never feel like you’re doing enough for the animals and always want to act and do something more to chang our cruel ways.   So this baby is the product of all these thoughts.

You can check us out at for more info about us, events that we are holding and some really helpful resources such as nutrition guides.  If you are interested in joining you may contact us at – we are open to everyone even if you’re not part of York University!

I have made the spanakopitas from Vegan with a Vengeance at least three times already and every time they have been a hit! 

To prove to you how amazing they were: I’ve given one to my greek/Albanian friend Marina and she honestly like them, even though she’s very skeptical of all things vegan :).    I have also made a batch for my parents and family and when I asked my father what he thinks they are made of he said: cheese and meat…I’m like “ok”, this is the last thing I would ever put in my food!  for those of you who do not know – these are actually made of tofu, walnuts and spinach, so not only they’re vegan but they’re also super nutritious and healthy!

Here’s the picture:

P.S. I hope I’m spelling the thing right, because I always want to call it Spinakopita (because of the spinach present in there) but am not sure whether right or not.