This Saturday I went to see a documentary by Malcolm Rogge called Under Rich Earth.   It has been filmed in the remote region of Ecuador which apparently sits on some copper reserves:

I highly recommend you to see the movie, which they may be showing in your local small movie theater.   It just underscores how huge is the divide between the management of the big companies and the areas where the company operates/does business and how greatly decisions made by the guys in black suits affect people who try to live a simple life such as people in Ecuador. 

The local people opposing the mining by Canadian companies live really rich and healthy lives – surrounded by beautiful lush tropical forests, enjoying food grown by themselves,  and having a strong sense of community and partnership.  The mining company tries to buy the people off by giving them really unnecesary things to make them support their mining efforts, and when this doesn’t work they use guns, bombs, and pepper sprays.

Believe it or not, this happens every day in many countries around the world, and the only way we can help is through education and promoting awareness just as Malcolm Rogge has done.  You may check out the movie website and buy the DVDs here.