Originally from Ukraine, I now live in Toronto, Canada.  I have been trying to live as environmentally friendly as possible for the last 4 years, while trying to be vegan since March 2009 – so you can say I’m a newbie.  Never a fan of meat, I’ve been trying to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle for some long time now, though it was heard since my husband, my parents, and his parents are all as carnivorous as possible where not a single meal can exist without some meat on the plate.  Lately I’ve been getting to know lots of vegan/vegetarian people which inspired me to finally stand up for my own lifestyle.  Not without some hitchups, I can say so far my journey has been successful and I really feel blissed for an opportunity to live a non-harming lifestyle.Ya and Chika-doggy

2 Responses to “About Green Vegan”

  1. conradvisionquest Says:

    yay vegan! good for you girl…

    1. blissfulbee Says:

      Thanks Wendy! Yay to you too!:) Love your blog!

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