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I just wanted to let you know about the Bugs Without Borders organization, which educates children about the importance of animals, especially insects and reptiles. You should definitely check it out and if you happen to have kids and live in Toronto why not even sign them up for the Bugs Camp?

In my opinion, it is of great importance that children start appreciating our natural world from when they are very young. If they develop a deep connection with nature they will be able to keep it throughout their life and share it with many more people around them. Children growing up in our modern urban societies don’t have as much interaction with nature and wild animals, which may make them indifferent to our global environmental problems. That’s why programs like these are so important and valuable.

Throughout their camp experience children will learn and interact with animals from various families such as Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles, Arachnids, and many more! How amazing is that!?

Bugs without borders also offers educational programs to schools as well as corporate and private events. Next week I will be helping out with one of their many events during the Earth Day, I’ll let you know how it goes!

P.S. Even if you don’t live in Toronto, there are various science summer camps which teach kids about our amazing flora and fauna, so don’t miss out 😉

These babies are soo cute I will really feel bad eating them.

Mixed Sprouts

Mixed Sprouts

They were really easy to grow too.  Just rinsing with some fresh water for about three days and there you go – ready to eat!  I have used Mumm`s sprouts purchased from Noah`s natrual foods in Toronto – they`re organic too!

How could I ever forget this little thing!?

Two versions of the Diva Cup

Two versions of the Diva Cup

I think this was the object that has pushed me to start this whole blogging thing – I wanted to let the world know that I love, yes I absolutely adore the Diva Cup!  Never ever before have I had such happy periods than I do now with the Diva Cup.

Here are some of the most obvious benefits:  You do not contribute to the landfill waste and save lots of money- there are no more pads or tampons to buy – all you need to have a happy green period is a little Diva cup.  The most surprising thing is that you  never feel the thing inside of you. And sometimes it gets me scared that it’s so comfortable that  I will forget it inside and won’t remember about it at all for a few days 🙂 That haven’t happened yet, and I really hope it won’t.

My best compliments are to reliability of the Diva Cup – you can do spinning, turbo kicking, biking outside, jogging, basically anything your heart desires for approximately 10 or so hours and it will not leak or even give you a hint of it’s presence!

Like Vanessa Farquharson said in her novel ‘Sleeping Naked is Green’ – every woman should have one!

After reading a lot about the natural ways of preventing the body odour I became really interested in this Salt Crystal thing, which I was kind of skeptical about because you don’t usually put salt on your body, especially such sensitive part of the body like armpits.  But a few bloggers have written really good reviews about this product so after bumping into it at a local PharmaPlus, I’ve decided to give it a try. 

My deodorant and some antigreen dolphins

My deodorant and some antigreen dolphins

And guess what! I love it!  It works much-much better than the Lady Speedstick I’ve been using for the last four or so years.  I have yet to smell myself after biking to work, going to the fitness class, and biking back home – that is how super odour proof it is.  I like the fact that it does not block any pores (and this is how work regular antiperspirants), it just alters the growth of odour causing bacteria.  It also does not cause any rash or anything, even though it’s made with salt, I don’t feel it even after applying it to armpits righ after shaving.

Sooo..I highly recommending it to everyone looking into more healthy and green way of controlling their odours 🙂

Another cool fact – it doesn’t contain any Aluminum present in regular deodorants and antiperspirants which has been linked to breast cancer.

So I’ve never used fresh basil in my life, but decided to buy this guy just because he was organic and in the biodegradable pot. Not only that, but he was grown in Kitchener, Ontario, which is pretty close to where I live. And probably the biggest reason I’ve grabbed it was that this basil was on sale for only 2.99!

I’ve got no idea yet where to use it or how to cook it, so for now it will serve as a pretty houseplant!

Just bought this one yesterday.  I had one already which was given to me free during the Environment Week at the university campus, but this one looked sooo “green”, natural, and pretty I just couldn’t stand back from buying it. 

Kerplunk Water Bottle

Kerplunk Water Bottle

P.S. Stainless steel bottles are recyclable, inert, do not contain BPA, can last up to 100 years (that’s what the company claims) if taken care of, and can save you a lot of money as well as prevent plastic bottle waste from going to the landfill. Everyone should have one!

I believe out of all thigs the second most green decision I’ve made is to ride my bike to university/work.  Not only it keeps my fit (I’ve got a mountain bike, which is like a tank comparing to the road bike), it wakes me up in the morning better than any coffee or jog, saves some money on gas and public transit tickets, but also sets off some carbon dioxide and other nasty gas emissions. 

My Global Cooling Vehicle

My Global Cooling Vehicle

The only problem is that with no balcony in our apartment, it takes abot one half of the hallway…but we don’t mind 🙂