Yesterday I have had some friends over, we played a little Monopoly and then went to the movies.  Of course none of them are vegan – so half of our conversations were about me being vegan and them not being vegan and their love for cheese, milk, and juicy steak.  So, my girlfriend had mentioned making cheesecake as soon as she moves in to her new condo, and for the whole day I have been searching for a good vegan cheesecake recipe.  Most of the recipes I have found online call for Tofutti cream cheese, and I have none and don’g know where to buy it so I kept looking.  And I found one right before my eyes – in the V-Cuisine by Angeline Linardis! 

It’s called “Amazing Tofu Cheesecake”.  If any of you want I can post the recipe online, it calls for very basic ingredients such as cashews, firm tofu, pineapple, wheat germ, peanut butter, and maple syrup.  And I knew I had to make it because first time in maybe 3 months I had pineapple can on hand which I had openened this morning for my Green Smoothie.  So right now it is in the making and next post will be with the pics and with more info on the taste (and maybe the actual recipe :).

Oh, and the cheesecake is raw!  how good is that!