April 22nd is an Earth Day and I will be helping out with the event at a local school.  I was asked to come dressed nicely, and I realized that I do not have any nice dress shoes…meaning – shopping for some new vegan shoes!

At first I searched my friend internet and found many great options, but I did not like an idea of purchasing shoes without first trying them on.  Some of the places selling great non-leather shoes are AlternativeOutfitters.com, Mooshoes.com, and even E-Bay!

But I decided to try my luck at Payless shoe source.  I remember a couple of years ago I was really sceptical about that store, because my mom always told me that leather shoes are the best and all other are uncomfortable and don’t last very long.  Most shoes Payless carries are made from natural of man-made materials, and without them realizing it – Payless becomes the best vegan-shoe store in Toronto :).  I have also checked out Left Feet but they only carry four or five women’s shoes – not much choice.

Anyhow, I have bought these two fabulous pairs:

Numero Uno:

This one is my favourite – that’s what I will be wearing for the Earth Day 🙂 Contrary to what my mother told me, these are super comfortable, light, and of course – super cute. 

Pair 2:

This is the most comfortable sandal I have ever tried on, so all the myths about the non-leather shoes have been debunked for me.

And for the most part, I don’t really care how pretty the shoes are, the most important thing is that no animal was killed (I hope) to make those shoes for me.  If you still think that leather is an innocent by-product of the meat industry – think again – either see Earthlings, or listen to Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast about Leather (The link is in the right-hand side column). You will be surprised about what you hear..