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Now for those of you who don’t live in Canada,  here I refer to the Canadian company who manufactures winter jackets.  If you live in Toronto,  you would know what I mean by saying – these are everywhere!  And I don’t have a big problem with people keeping themselves warm but I have a huuuuge problem by seeing people wear coyote furs in their collars just for the heck of it.  First please look how intelligent, beautiful, and innocent this animal is:      

 And now tell me you would kill this guy just so he/she can hang out on your winter coat as your fur collar…I don’t think so.

But at the same time, every day I encounter countless young adults (in their 20s, mostly guys) wearing them.  And I am sure they have no idea that their fur is real and if they did they wouldn’t care. 

This has been driving me mad lately, so I’ve printed out some PETA anti-fur cards and have been giving these out to people who are wearing fur. 

And here is the biggest problem I encounter.  One girl told me that she feels bad that it is fur but it’s the only fur thing she has (oh’ so innocent) and if she didn’t buy somebody else would.   SAY WHAT??? 

The girl’s got no idea how much she influences the demand and that every fur jacket bought will make the company make a new one (thus killing one more coyote) for the person who she didn’t leave the jacket for.  So as you see, here is one of the biggest mistakes people make these days – they think that they are so little that their actions don’t count and they cannot make even a slightest change for the better in this world. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

So, when you check out the company’s website, they say that the fur is used only-only when necessary and they decided to use real fur instead of equally warm synthetic because of “ecological” reasons.  SAY WHAT???

First of all, unless you live or do something in the North Pole which their jackets were originally made for, you really don’t need a fur collar or a “parka” how I think they call it, I haven’t seen even one of the guys with the Canada Goose jackets actually wearing the hood.  Second, I think when you are deciding between killing thousands of intelligent beautiful animals or not killing them at all (which is just such a hard choice for those people in big fat offices who have not ever encountered a coyote or another wild animal and have no idea that a coyote is a dog-relative), I think for anyone having at least some kindness and humanity left in their hearts this would be a very simple decision. 

Please make compassionate choices and tell anyone you see wearing fur what the animals had to endure in order to become that pointless decoration that they are wearing.

Thank you,